After working together for 6 months on body image and finding freedom with food, Av had this to say:

“Working with Acacia has been truly life changing. I was so fed up with the “start mondays” – she came just at the right time. Over a 6 month period of 1-on-1 coaching Acacia taught me all about intuitive eating, self love and how to be more in touch with my body in general. She is so knowledgeable, wise and always has the best advice. My intuitive eating journey was somewhat of a rollercoaster, there’s no way I could have done it without her, but I’ve come out of it on the otherside a different person. I’m far more intune with my body and how it feels, I’ve become so much more relaxed, not just around food but in all aspects of my life and I’m literally the same stable weight, instead dropping a few kgs then putting on a few kgs, I’m effortlessly right in the middle, happy just as I am and enjoying life so much more! 🙂 This seriously was the answer I was looking for for so long. I cannot recommend Acacia more highly. I think everyone could do with what she has to offer!”



― Client Testimonials