What a start to 2018!!

10 incredible women joined Kate Malik from Ashtak Yoga www.ashtakyoga.com and me  for an amazing weekend retreat Jan 5-7 2018.


Guests arrived to Awaba Retreat at 4pm on Friday afternoon, and dove straight into a yoga class and meditation with Gaurav Malik from Ashtak Yoga before we ate a divine vegetarian meal cooked by Jordanna Levin . The night finished with star gazing and cosy chats.



Saturday morning we awoke to cleansing our sinuses with jali neti before sitting for pranayama class and then a 1.5 hour yoga sequence. I ran a morning workshop covering self love, intuitive eating and learning to listen to your body as a guide for ultimate wellness. Kate’s afternoon workshop covered Ayurveda and retreat participants found out their specific dosha, or body type, that helps guide their understanding of themselves and how particular foods affect their bodies. An afternoon swim in the beautiful sun-soaked pool was followed  by another yoga class, and a really amazing meditation before eating a beautiful meal of home cooked pea falafels, creamy hummous, chewy lebanese bread and some incredible hearty salads. We cuddled Moo Moo the cow, and finished the evening with an Om meditation that put everyone to bed.


Day 2 repeated the jali neti cleansing and pranayama and participants learned a walking meditation with Gaurav (so you don’t always have to sit down!) We had an amazing  workshop with Kate that included ways participants could easily include self-practice into their life without needing more time, and finished with an incredible release of forgiveness and creative art session. More swims (thank goodness for the pool in the 42 degree weather – although the house and yoga studio stayed blissfully cool) and lunch then for our final session I finished with an intention setting session so our team could start their 2018 off with a bang.


Kate and I keep pinching ourselves for how lucky we are to have shared this incredible 48 hours with such open-hearted women. If this weekend was anything to go by, 2018 is going to be a good one!!!

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