How to drink, have fun and not get drunk.

With Christmas and New Year only just around the last corner, it's easy to swear off alcohol for good. Times of celebration like these often come hand in hand with over-consumption of booze, and the resultant dirty hangover. There are a number of negative health effects from alcohol and most of us have felt first … Continue reading How to drink, have fun and not get drunk.

What a start to 2018!!

10 incredible women joined Kate Malik from Ashtak Yogaย www.ashtakyoga.comย and meย  for an amazing weekend retreat Jan 5-7 2018. Guests arrived to Awaba Retreat at 4pm on Friday afternoon, and dove straight into a yoga class and meditation with Gaurav Malik from Ashtak Yoga before we ate a divine vegetarian meal cooked by Jordanna Levinย . The … Continue reading What a start to 2018!!